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Dhani Jewels means Hand-shake

Dhani Jewels is where you will find your destined diamond. Our gems are the personification of alluring beauty, made to bring out the aura of rough stones carefully picked from nature's bosom. We entered the realm in 2019 at Surat, the diamond capital of the country since then have kept our hands pretty busy trying to move up the ladder.

We are proud to present the gamut of our excellent cut diamond assumed to be the best in the country. Its mesmerizing charm has caught our name to lands beyond the sea bonding us together from across the world.

Motif of the jewelry are made by our proficient designers who have been in the field for years. Through their artsistic sense and creative hands, they give life to the otherwise sole shiny stones, studding them into magnificent work of art.

Shop BIS hallmarking and IGI certified Diamond studded Gold jewellery 3000+ unique gold, diamond, and gemstone jewellery design collection.

Planning a jewellery upgrade? Looking for something amazing for your special someone? Whatever the goal, Dhani Jewels has you covered. From enchanting earrings to regal rings, precious pendants to brilliant bracelets, and spell binding sets – Dhani Jewels has it all!